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Our Story

We are original breeders of Country Mini Doodles mini goldendoodles and are now the proud owners and operators of Maria and David Home Miniature Doodles. To meet demand for our incredible Country Mini Doodle puppies, while continuing to provide that personal adoption experience we are known for, David and his business partner in Country Mini Doodles in 2016 decided to split the farms owned by each of the original Country Mini Doodles breeders into two separate operations. Original ownership has not changed and we have the same moms and dads at our farm. Maria and David Home Miniature Doodles will continue to provide the same great Country Mini Doodle mini goldendoodles we have become known for over the past 14 years!

David with his business partner had originally started Country Mini Doodles to breed mini goldendoodles in 2005 with one goal in mind, to provide quality loving pets to families wanting to add to their family. Combining the golden retriever’s loving personality with the non-shedding hypo allergenic coat and intelligence of the miniature poodle results in a dog in the small to mid-size range, in a wide array of colors and coat types. At Maria and David Home Miniature Doodles, the doodles grow up to have great temperaments are very trainable with minimal shedding. All of our puppies are the result of non-surgical trans-cervical artificial insemination.

We still have the our farm where all of our moms and dads live with us. We have family that help us with the daily care of our parents and puppies including Maria’s sister Debbie and our nieces who live on our farm. In addition, we have two full time Vet Techs we work with daily to ensure the health of our parents and puppies. Contact us if you would want to schedule a visit to our farm to meet us, meet the dogs and puppies and tour our facilities.

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Available Variety

With the help of other local families in our community, we can offer a variety of lovable breeds.

We Are Family

Our families are devoted to each puppy and socialize with them daily to ensure each puppy enjoys their newly found life.

Visits Welcome

We do invite you to plan a visit! We will work with you to schedule a time to meet with the breeder and puppies.


We LOVE our our baby! She is 2 years now and just amazing... sweet, smart, friendly, loves kids & other pets and she can't get enough of the swimming pool! Our only regret is that we didn't buy her sister! Thank you. We look forward to adding to our family in the future.

Carine K

M&D Doodles has displayed a level of professionalism beyond My expectations. I never imagined how engaged a breeder would be in ensuring our puppy is in the right track. Thank you!!!

Carine K
Steven K

Definitely a five star breeder. We purchased our boy 3 months ago from Maria & David. He is really the best puppy! He was already mostly house broken. Their  home is BEAUTIFUL and their dogs seemed so happy and friendly. I would highly recommend.

Steven K